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Kazakhstan boxers won 10 gold medals at the tournament in Astana

14 june, 2018

The VI international Elite Men’s and Women’s Boxing tournament of the Republic of Kazakhstan President’s Cup was done in Astana where teams from 15 countries have taken part in it.

 The VI international Elite Men’s and Women’s Boxing tournament of the Republic of Kazakhstan President’s Cup was done in Astana where teams from 15 countries have taken part in it. Almost all teams brought their leaders so the high voltage in the ring and among spectators has been entire the tournament.

Women boxers participated in 4 weight categories and the leader of the National Team Nazym Kyzaibay (51) lost her bout in semi-final against boxer from Japan Namiki Tsukimi. In the final Japanese boxer won the gold medal and the silver medal went to Rakstat Chuthamat from Thailand.    

Dariga Shakimova (75), Rio 2016 prize-winner, lost her bout against boxer from Sweden Love Holgersson who became the Best Boxer of this tournament.

 «The bout was hard: Dariga is a strong opponent but I used my advantages and could beat her defense. My tactics was keeping the proper distance because I am taller than her and I kept the distance and beat her by straight punches. This was the hardest fight in this tournament for me», - Love said after the final bout.

In the final bout in 56 kg weight category Kairat Yeraliev, the World Champion 2017, beat American boxer Duke Ragan.  

 «Duke is my regular opponent, He is a good boxer. We had three bouts: one time he won but I beat him at the World Championships and President’s Cup. The hardest bouts were against boxer from Uzbekistan Shakhobidin Zoirov and Duke Ragan from USA. In the final I had a cut but it is ok for us. In this year the tournament was great – many leaders from different countries came here and we had exciting competitions. This tournament was successful for me and our Kazakhstan boxers. We showed that we are not worse than others. I hope we will be successful in the Asian Games» - Kairat Yeraliyev said.  

The most exciting and amazing bout was the final between Uzbekistan boxer Bektemir Melikuziyev and our boxer Bek Nurmaganbet. They both showed their best skills but Bektemir had more energy and he was good until the third round. Bektemir has won the gold medal.

Kazakhstan boxers have won 10 gold medals.

Prize-winners of the VI International boxing tournament of the Republic of Kazakhstan President’s Cup


51 kg

I Namiki Tsukimi (Japan)

II Raksat Chuthamat (Thailand)

III Nazym Kyzaibay (Kazakhstan), Shi Qian (China)

 57 kg

I Saniya Sultankyzy (Kazakhstan)

II Hiruta Mizuki (Japan)

III Vladislava Kukhta (Kazakhstan), Dametken Kelimbet (Kazakhstan)

60 kg

I Rimma Volosenko (Kazakhstan)

II Aizhan Khodhzabekova (Kazakhstan)

III Priyanka Choudhary (India), Karina Ibragimova (Kazakhstan)

75 kg

I Love Holgersson (Sweden)

II Dariga Shakimova (Kazakhstan)

III Saniya Alzhanova (Kazakhstan), Wan Lina (China)



49 kg

I Temirtas Zhussupov (Kazakhstan)

II Zhimart Yerzhan (Kazakhstan)

III Lalbiakkima Nutlai (India), Vasily Yegorov (Russia)

52 kg

I Anuar Muzapparov (Kazakhstan)

II Ladon Rogen (Philippines)

III Baba Ryusei (Japan), Sachin (India)

56 kg

I Kairat Yeraliyev (Kazakhstan)

II Duke Ragan (USA)

III Shakhobiddin Zoirov (Uzbekistan), Ilyas Suleimenov (Kazakhstan)

60 kg

I Gabil Mamedov (Russia)

II Shunkor Abdurasulov (Uzbekistan)

III Erdenebat Tsendbaatar (Mongolia), Zakir Safiullin (Kazakhstan)

64 kg

I Bekdaulet Ibragimov (Kazakhstan)

II Ikbolzhon Kholdarov (Uzbekistan)

III Wuttichai Masuk (Thailand), Aliyor Noraliev (Uzbekistan)

69 kg

I Aslanbek Shymbergenov (Kazakhstan)

II Ablaikhan Zhussupov (Kazakhstan)

III МMakhmud Gaipov (Uzbekistan), Ardee Saylom (Thailand)

75 kg

I Abilkhan Amankul (Kazakhstan)

II Yerik Alzhanov (Kazakhstan)

III Israil Madrimov (Uzbekistan), Adam Chartoi (Sweden)

81 kg

I Bektemir Melikuziev (Uzbekistan)

II Bek Nurmaganbet (Kazakhstan)

III Bekzad Nurdauletov (Kazakhstan), Imam Khatayev (Russia)

91 kg

I Abzal Kuttybekov (Kazakhstan)

II Sadam Magomedov (Russia)

III Vasily Levit (Kazakhstan), Anton Pinchuk (Kazakhstan)

+91 kg

I Kamshibek Kunkabayev (Kazakhstan)

II Maxim Babanin (Russia)

III Aiboldy Daurenuly (Kazakhstan), Nurlan Saparbay (Kazakhstan).